Dating a prs ce22

Smith turned to me, apologized for the interruption and explained. They were going through customs and someone just picked them up out of their roadcases and walked off with them. “Welcome to my world.” This somewhat frenetic pace is all in a day’s work at the Paul Reed Smith guitar factory, the place where some of today’s most highly respected guitars are built.I think it’s safe to say that PRS guitars have the rare distinction of having been regarded as both new kids on the block and instant collectible classics almost from the moment they came to the attention of the larger guitar world in the early Eighties.My initial intention was to try a Seymour Duncan JB in the PRS as I'd used those in a number of other guitars and was always a fan.

” The company’s R&D chief handed Paul Reed Smith a freshly carved neck over the cluttered desk.

His R&D guru angled a wooden template over the blank headstock. We dug up old files and are working to reproduce them for him.

“Yeah,” nodded Smith, “that’s how we used to cut them.” The nascent neck was taken back and hastily returned to its experiments. We sent him some others to try till we can get these done.

The early PRS guitars were absolutely the best guitars I had ever seen or played in my life.

Up until the mass production and CNC manufactured models of 1995 I was recommending PRS guitars to everyone.


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