Herpes casual sex dating

Applying running water and a little soap to the area for a generous amount of time immediately after contact may help reduce the chance of infection.Between outbreaks, you may wish to use condoms to reduce the risk of infection.

I felt like I had to say something, and I wound up writing an essay on my blog about how I’m an erotica author and I have herpes.

It was a really scary moment, but it also felt super liberating. So just to backtrack a little bit, when I was in college, I had a bit of a reputation that I enjoyed: I was the editor of the college sex magazine, I was planning my thesis on feminist erotica, I didn’t have a ton of casual sex because that wasn’t something I was super interested in, but I did have some.

And what I didn’t expect was the essay had this huge response, first from the erotica community. I don’t think there were campus sex magazines when I was in college. Got to go to Wesleyan, where everyone is extremely weird.

Condoms offer the best protection against other STDs and STIs as well, which is important in a new relationship.

“I know where the train is.” I didn’t; it was the first lie I had told all night.


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