Know if your dating wrong guy

His late night partying led to him missing the ceremony and the first part of the reception, leaving me to awkwardly explain his absence to my family.

While profusely apologizing later, he sheepishly admitted that he hadn’t told me about going out the night before because he figured I would tell him not to, since we had to get up so early for the wedding.

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If these feelings are not there and you find yourself wishing you were hanging out with your friends, yourself of another guy then that is a huge sign that you are dating the wrong person.

Annoyances like a delayed train making me late for work or the rainy weather making my hair not cooperate can melt away in the dreamy state in which I have found myself. And because it was never anything to do with cheating or lying, I usually acquiesced to his pleading for my understanding.

And why nitpick on what could be inconsequential when I’m having such overwhelming feelings of attraction?

So you’re dating this guy and things seems great but not that great.

If its the beginning of the relationship, maybe you are holding out to see how things pan out, see if they get better.


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