Libra man dating aquarius woman

The problems with Libra’s Sun bring too much concern for opinions of other people, so representatives of this sing go to extremes when it comes to the way they show their sexuality.

They will either be afraid to be judged and seem too asexual, or have a need to show it “in spite” of everyone’s opinion and this can be quite repulsive for their partner.

All these traits of the air sign bode well for the Libra and Aquarius pairing.

They both will keep each other interested with long, stimulating discussions on practically every topic under the sun.

They will like to experiment, learn about each other and their own inner desires and communicate with ease.

Their sexual relations should be a strong pillar of their entire relationship, although they will usually think of their verbal ways to get along as the most important for their bond.

An Aquarius in love is not so much looking to drown in emotional intimacy or physical sensuality as much as for a companion who will accompany them in their intellectual explorations.

Somewhat similar to a fire sign in possessing energy and enthusiasm, an air is nevertheless different in not being as adventurous or as intense as the former.Although their sex life can be quite liberating for Libra, it can also be a bit challenging for Aquarius because they will be the one who has to fight against Libra’s need to fit in.However, as two Air signs, they will both tend to be free to express their sexual desires to each other.However, Aquarians in their overwhelming anger and frustration may touch the emotional string of Librans.They should be cautious of their such kind of behaviour with Librans.The secret to a compatible Libra and Aquarius love match lies in both having similar ways of engaging with the world and its experiences.


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