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Carbon combines with other elements in complex ways to form the molecules that make up our bodies.

It is used in dating things such as bone, cloth, wood and plant fibers that were created in the relatively recent past by human activities.­ ­You probably have seen or read news stories about fascinating ancient artifacts.At an ar­chaeological dig, a piece of wooden tool is unearthed and the archaeologist finds it to be 5,000 years old.Astronomy Worksheets Biology Worksheets Coloring Worksheets Dinosaur Worksheets Geology Worksheets Geography Worksheets History Worksheets Holiday Worksheets Math Worksheets Language Arts Worksheets All Educational Worksheets Astronomy Music Biology Music Concepts Music Chemistry Music Foreign Language Music Geology Music Geography Music History Music Language Arts Music Life Skills Music Math Music Physics Music All Educational Music One method that scientists use to date ancient fossils and artifacts is called radiocarbon dating.All living things on Earth are made up of a high percentage of an element called carbon.The Conversation UK receives funding from Hefce, Hefcw, SAGE, SFC, RCUK, The Nuffield Foundation, The Ogden Trust, The Royal Society, The Wellcome Trust, Esmée Fairbairn Foundation and The Alliance for Useful Evidence, as well as sixty five university members.


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